Friday, January 11, 2008

The Tube

The notion of a "train of thought" (who came up with that saying anyway?) as an analogy for my work was solidified with my recent visit to London where we used "the Tube" to do a tremendous amount of travelling in the City of Dragons. I promise not to bore you with the many side-tracks the parallel could take when associated with "thoughts" (although it might be nice to hear the connections others make with the analogy). The most cogent of the analogical themes lie in the idea that thoughts- like trains - are powerful things that can transport people from one place to another.

Briefly, the Educational Leave proposal is a four-month leave to study Digital Portfolio, building off of and accumulating the work and research I have done in this area for the past five years. The proposal suggests 3 key outcomes; first, a repository of current literature, links, and references to digital portfolio that would be useful to those who like me have a keen interest and who are seeking to rationalize the potential investment in this growing educational technology; second, a collection of best practices (systems and processes) in the adoption and implementation of ePortfolio; and finally a presentation which will identify potential for implementation of ePortfolio at NSCC and other institutions, and for future applied research in this area.

This blog will track my progress, allow me to ramble through a few ideas (hopefully with some direction from others) and also provide a place where I can provide references to those who prefer this mode to the more formal body of work. So, all aboard fellow travelers - I think this could be an interesting trip.

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